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Areas of Expertise

The range of our available services extends from e-business consulting to infrastructure servicing.

Serious Software provides the solutions on a turn-key basis while taking full responsibility over the functional and technical sides of the project. We always make sure to meet your performance standards and requirements.

Our company is fully skilled to develop mobile banking applications that will highly improve your customer service experience.

To make sure your solution is competitive on the current market, our skilled professionals contribute their in-depth knowledge of the industry, as well as utilising the most advanced technologies in the development process.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

The ERP system was designed to help the company’s automation process related to financial, accounting, production, and sales activities. The best results are achieved by integrating internal and external data flow.

Being competitive on the market means implementing advanced and modern financial management technologies. Moreover, the ERP system is built to optimise and facilitate financial accounting which, leads to increased company performance on the current market.

Rapid Application Development (RAD) Platforms

We pride ourselves on having exceptional skills in the development of application environments which enables us to create and modify business applications in a timely manner. An intuitive user-friendly interface is introduced to all the custom-made applications.

By choosing a RAD Platform as a starting point of the development process, we offer shippable project prototypes with minimal efforts and fast delivery.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Serious Software has deep comprehensive expertise in CRM application development. Therefore, we advise our customers to define their business strategy and customer needs prior to starting the CRM development process.

The key to a successful result is thorough evaluation and proper adaptation of the process.

Our team works on automating your sales and accounting management systems by offering an individual approach and extending custom-built CRM solutions.

Serious Software is the leading provider of customisable services in the field of high-tech IT development and outsourcing.

Our excellence in providing clients with the right solution is based on our individual approach. We make sure we create the interaction model that is suitable to your business processes and company philosophy.

Serious Software view outsourcing as the highest level of services delivered to our customers. The services we provide are fully customisable to work with the requirements of the business at any given level and you will be able to fully adapt it according to your needs.

Electronic Medical Systems (EMS)

Serious Software works with clients who require Electronic Healthcare Information System (HIS) software development.

These systems allow for access and reference to patient medical records. Moreover, they are coordinated with catalogues of individual records for doctors.

We offer a modular approach to developing the expandable application and these designs allow for multiple stand-alone planning modules, such as planning, appointments management, rooms and equipment booking etc.

E-Learning & Education Solutions

There are multiple advantages to e-learning systems, including the fact that you can reach the students in any place, at any time.

Such an approach gives student's the access to a great scope of knowledge at their fingertips. No more classes tied to a particular schedule as learners have access to college available at just a click away.

Many students choose an e-learning option since it gives them the ability to keep their life focused on work and family, whilst having a chance to distribute the workload throughout the week. It allows for the self-paced educational process, reduces time factor, and travel expenses.

The dynamic educational process and individual approach make learning any subject interactive and engaging. Flexible e-learning platforms allow students to choose the materials that suit their level of knowledge and interests more than any face-to-face course would be able to.

E-Learning Tools

E-learning tools provide a modern approach to education that matches student's needs. Additionally, student's IT skills are trained in the process of online education since they regularly use computers and the Internet.

Whether your aim is to improve the student experience, boost their academic performance or refine organization the Serious Software team have the knowledge and experience. We give a new definition to the e-learning experience provided to students.

You can re-define business models, improve users learning experience, change the design and fine-tune the operation while utilising Serious Software’s cost-effective development services.

Online education requires a global platform since there is an ever-growing demand for online tutorials and global mobility.

However, the continuous changes of technologies in the IT industry and the e-learning area requires frequent, professional, attainable, and affordable upgrades. Our skilled team of professionals help educators build high-tech, customised e-learning solutions. They enable customers to improve their workforce performance and boost overall customer satisfaction.

The Real Estate industry can cover different types of businesses including commercial, residential, retail, and hospitality.

It is important to understand that each type of these businesses require individual treatment due to evolving market dynamics and challenges. This type of case-by-case approach is exactly what Serious Software offers.

Rather than treating IT deployment as a simple technological process, we take it to the next level by using it to transform your business. We realise the importance of adjusting the IT work-culture to your company’s specification and philosophy and this is achieved by providing you with personalised training, data discipline mechanism and business value extraction.

Our Real Estate clients receive a wide range of services in functional areas ranging from brokerage, franchising, research and consulting, valuation and advisory, mortgages, settlement and underwriting, tenant representation, and relocation services to facility management.

Serious Software has outstanding expertise in delivering wide-ranging solutions for online gaming and betting that intercorporate headmost web-development strategies. We apply cutting-edge methods and effective techniques to design online sportsbook, casino, virtual and numbers games platforms to meet client demands from all around the world.

With powerful hand-on management, our team of experts collaborates with the most established industry organisations to develop a wide spectrum of betting and gaming products.

Serious Software encompasses knowledge and expertise to bring value to the companies in betting and gaming sphere and we have a potential to service companies providing adaptive, flexible, and cost-effective solutions. We offer a variety of services ranging from idea creation to high-quality end-product delivery.

Being experts in the industry, we create value to organisations by sharing knowledge and expertise in the field. Serious Software takes no exception on the inside track of the customers, markets and competitors in the global online betting and gaming industry.

It is a known fact that social presence has taken over ⅔ of time being awake, therefore most business functions, including commerce have also transferred online. Social media is accounted for 46% of users purchase decisions.

Enriched business collaborations maintain online correspondence with prospects, increase brand loyalty and engage users to build customer relationships. Equally sales and revenue can multiply by creating and developing active online social environments for connecting and engaging existing clients, obtaining new ones thereby promoting your business and gaining control over your brand community.

Empowering smart services to bring value to the healthcare industry.

Serious Software delivers solutions to aid healthcare and life sciences industries to tackle challenges such as reducing production costs, simplification of localisations and review facilitation to ensure patient care improvement, healthcare reforms and compliance communication. Our company designs personalised content platforms for cross-channel communication for addressing internal and external key business challenges.

Our goal is to help customers by empowering services that employ cutting-edge methodologies and technologies; propagating practices know-how; created on well thought-through hand-on management processes.

Serious Software offer budget-friendly solutions for publishers and media companies worldwide.

In the technological era where information navigates the world over, even with a premium content it is hard to reach your audience. We accept the challenge to create and deliver global media solutions that reach the required target. Working with advertisers and agencies all around the world, we can design multi-channel solutions for various platforms to satisfy the publisher’s requirements.

By applying a cost-effective communication plan, Serious Software implements global media solutions that grant social media websites, news publishers, advertisers, and media agencies exposure to premium media channels all around the world that satisfies consumers content expectations.

More and more countries around the world are opening their doors for tourists. Whether on a business, leisure or personal trip, travelling has become a lifestyle for many, opening yet another revolutionary business industry to be handled online. Increase customer flow and simplify your user experience with travel and touring solutions.

Serious Software designs online services from ticket bookings, hotel or lodging arrangements, meal and service reservations, package selection, discount and sales options, rental services solutions, and security and insurance applications etc. It is easy to be ahead of your competitors by choosing the correct technology and innovation.

Serious Software has outstanding expertise in designing travelling solutions that ensure pleasant experience during customers trips.

Studies of customer behaviour has shown that the modern buyers aim is to simplifying long shopping processes and does not want to waste time. Serious Software brings in fresh insights on how to tackle business challenges by promoting technical expertise in designing simple innovative solutions that minimize your expenses and maximize e-sales.

We design software solutions increase your retail business model giving it an innovative edge that brings in scalable results.

Serious Software designs effective high performance native mobile applications that can be used on any device for all mobile platforms from iOS and Android mobile. With years of experience and extensive knowledge, we build innovative cross-platform mobile applications that exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our dynamic growth in the industry allows Business Information & Media organisations to benefit from Serious Software wide range products.

With a clear understanding of modern technologies, Serious Software uses in-depth knowledge of modern developmental and strategies to create advanced products for streaming media on the web and delivering information via mobile on any device and platform. Our solutions include a unique set of advanced capabilities and functions that emphasize business value over your competitors.

Whilst maintaining the status of a leading high-end technology development company, Serious Software is ready to accept the challenge of supplying customers with creative solutions to cover their demanding taste.

We do not try to reinvent the wheel but find ways how to make it better to save on budget expenses, impress customers, and to keep the product fulfilled. The entertainment sphere has always been a battlefield for innovation; however our company has the perfect solutions to move forward.

modern and responsive outsourcing


Serious Software selects the most suitable technologies uniquely for a specific project.

Our full-stack team of professionals has the knowledge and experience with technologies from general-purpose C#\C++ and ASP.NET to high-end all-inclusive solutions in Java, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails and Python whilst working with various operating systems including UNIX.m Serious Software also specialises in high-end web application developments for iOS and Android.

  • JavaScript
  • Angular JS
  • Node JS
  • React JS
  • jQuery
  • Backbone JS
  • Ember JS
  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails
  • Java
  • J2EE
  • J2ME
  • JSF
  • Spring
  • MVC
  • Scala
  • Groovy
  • C#, C++
  • .NET
  • IOS
  • Android
  • UI\UX
  • HTML5
  • XHTM
  • Python
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Symfony
  • Zend Framework
  • Yii Framework
  • QA
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