We, at Serious Software, strive to ensure you get modern and responsive outsourcing and IT services.


What we do

Developing products for Independent Software Vendors and Providers
Providing Software Offshore Outsourcing services
HR Service
Provide Certification training sessions to customers and employees


Your every demand will be accounted for in the process of building the interaction model in accordance with your company’s philosophy, specifications, and business processes. Despite the belief that outsourcing is a set bundle of services, we challenge this idea by offering the outstanding level of service.

How to start?



Our service is completely customizable, and you will be able to fully adapt it to your specifications. The basic foundations of our company are built around business expertise, personal approach, credibility and timely response.

Serious Software offers you the proficient and transparent solutions. Our flexible approach to IT outsourcing gives you the chance to select the most suitable infrastructure, services and resources. Our cost-saving policies enable you to scale your project up or down within tight time-limits.

Your direct control over your business organization and processes is Serious Software’s most important consideration. We achieve this by creating a direct link between our top-notch IT professionals and you.



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