Serious Software selects most suitable technologies uniquely for a specific project. Our full-stack team of professionals has the knowledge and experience with anything from dinosaur general-purpose technologies like C#\C++ and ASP.NET to most trendy all-inclusive solutions in Java, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Python, working with various operating systems including UNIX. Serious Software also specializes in high-end web applications development for iOS and Android.

We strive for effective and fruity project management using such tools as MS Visual Studio and with MS Project. Here, at Serious Software, we believe that success begins with effective communication within the team, when each member has a clear understanding of the whole philosophy behind each project. Subversion, JIRA and Slack. Laying the ground for project development, we take personal responsibility for each step along the way, leading project using strongest project-planning tools like Microsoft Project.

The philosophy of our company is aiming satisfying the most demanding needs of our clients. Serious Software is ready to jump in to design unique and flexible approach for meeting purchaser’s objectives.

Requirements Management Methodology:

Serious Software cares about informing the client on progression of project development at each stage of the process. We ensure 100% transparency while synchronizing the activities of project development due to close cooperation and communication with the client, including keeping up with the schedule, requirements elucidation, following a flexible approach towards change management methodology, providing the client with regular updates and feedback.

Project Planning

Along with the developers, our Project Managers use advanced estimation techniques in order to evaluate the project scope and high precision estimates regarding time, cost and risks of the project. We monitor overheads, plan minimization of risk factors, and adapt to new case scenarios on the go

Project tracking:

Serious Software takes active position in tracking the progress of the project on a daily basis starting from stand up status updates, along with actual project measurements, updated estimates and micro-planning sessions. Scheduled weekly retrospectives allow the team to look back at past mistakes, or successful completions to move along the project.

Risk Management:

Our Team Leads and Project Managers are always on the watch to raise a flag if something unexpected comes along. However, the team takes active action in risk analysis in order to prevent possible failures before they may come along on the horizon. Serious Software aims at shielding planned workflow and minimizing all possible risks.

Software Configuration Management:

Even though Serious Software is positioned as an expert in business development consultancy and implementation, the last work is with the customer’s requirements and expectations. We ensure daily progression and deliverables to support stability in the progress of software development process using Visual Source Safe.

Incident Management:

Our team holds a firm hand on pulse of each project to identify incidents immediately and performs preventive activities that restore the workflow and allow adjusting the lifecycle accordingly.

Object-Oriented Approach

We envision the potential for growth and create the architecture and system design the components specifically with the idea of scalability.

Code reviews:

The team of our programmers deliver high-quality code. Nonetheless, it is important to seek and reduce defects before they ever reach production. For this, we take time and precision to review system design and architecture, along with overall code to develop the best product.

Software Quality Assurance:

Each project is assigned a dedicated Quality Assurance professional who evaluates whether the application complies with the requirements and necessary tests.

Cloud computing

We believe that Software as a Service is the most preferable delivery model for enterprises that gives the necessary level of flexibility for customer communication and service. Serious Software is an expert in implementing cutting-edge solutions for businesses in the cloud:

  • Designing SaaS architecture
  • Building hybrid cloud solutions
  • Delivering software security in the cloud
  • Assessment of cloud migration: applicability, cost, security
  • Developing customized cloud software from the ground up
  • Designing cloud deployment strategies for optimal SaaS availability
  • Delivering software security in the cloud
  • Designing cloud deployment strategies for optimal SaaS availability
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google App Engine
  • Microsoft Azure


Serious Service excels in design and development of flexible multi-purpose desktop applications. Resourceful and powerful, the desktop application help to improve your company workflow providing an unquestionable off-line capacity advantage. Integrating innovative technologies, Using Windows Forms (WinForms), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Delphi, etc., Serious Software implementation team is eager to supply the customers with Simple and intuitive desktop applications that increase productivity and satisfy the needs of our customers.


Due to the fact that more than 60% of business interactions nowadays occur on the go, it is smart to have mobile versions of your applications ready and functional. Serious Software is a trusted provider of mobile technology consulting and engineering services. Being experts in developing custom mobile software solutions for the companies of different scale, Serious Software transcends solid mobile strategy and proficiency in native and cross-platform application building that help increasing company’s business value and revenue. Web Years of leading successful business in the sphere of development and IT outsourcing gives Serious Software better hand consulting our customers and choose from the latest technology trends that will bring the most benefits specifically for their business. Web application with Serious Software brings effective, powerful, easy to use, user-friendly and cost effective solutions that satisfy the most demanding business customers.