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Serious Software T&M Model is used by over a 100 of our clients who chose it both for new applications development and for optimizing their existing projects.

The T&M Model is perfect for the clients who are looking to grow their team and accelerate the development process. This model would work for customers who are not ready to raise the company’s expenses by opening new offices but want to increase their competitiveness on the market.

By choosing the T&M Model, you get a chance to quickly employ the necessary specialists without the need to take them on the staff. With our help, clients take part in the selection and hiring process and end up recruiting the professionals who demonstrate the necessary set of skills and technical abilities. Besides, you can still manage the staff remotely in a way that meets your business requirements. The combination of all these factors allows for a smooth and successful collaboration. You get the best from your team.

This model gives you a choice of promptly hiring your own team for the project or having a long-term collaboration with our professional team at a low cost and with minimal risks.

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