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This interaction model is suitable for the customers who wish to open their own offshore development center.

On the modern fast-changing and competitive market, the project’s success is highly dependent on the company’s flexibility, responsiveness and efficiency. Setting up an outsourcing location with a quick access to a talent-pool of skilled employees is proven to be a successful solution. Remote captive units provide business owners with reduced labor costs for highly qualified workforce, local tax benefits and enabling business environment.

Our team delivers transparent, credible services and allows you to maintain control over operational costs related to your own Offshore Development center, including controlling payroll, administrative and legal expenses among other things.

Serious Software team works hard to make sure the Remote Development center fully meets your company’s philosophy, internal business strategy and corporate culture.

There are two existing ways to organize the work of your software development unit:

  •  Based on existing provider facilities which allows you to grow your center within a short period of time.
  •  Based on Serious Software’s expertise in the field, where we offer you an independent administrative unit which is managed by our top specialists.

Generally, the customer assumes responsibility of managing the team, controlling the salary and the rewards system for the employees. The service provider, in turn, ensures administrative, financial, HR services, including legal framework in regards to team and object management.

The offshore software provider and client’s cooperation is based on the costs plus base fee. The customer’s expenses include the fixed employees’ wage increase and all related overhead costs.

Since establishment of a development unit entails some investment, we offer our customers to incorporate the assets of both, the outsource and the offshore models.


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