Medical Company Corporate Website


Scope of the project —

Development of web applications, technical support, and software quality assurance.

Business processes analysis, project technical specification, graphic user interfaces and mockups, application source code, acceptance testing, data input, project deployment on the production environment, service and support. Development, servicing and follow-up of medical company corporate website.


Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS




Serious Software has been instrumental in the development and testing of the medical companies corporate website.

The medical company corporate website consists of the following modules:

  • Introducing the company — the section provides general company information about its structure, along with goals, and tasks.
  • Participants — the section provides information concerning the company founders and participants as well as their profile portraits.
  • Services — the section provides information as to the services that the medical company offers.
  • News — the section provides news relating to the medical company and medicine related news.


Social Network of Healthy LifeStyle


Serious Software has been instrumental in development and testing of the social network of healthy life-style.

The social network is oriented to people who are interested in healthy and dynamic lifestyle. The network aims at popularization of health improvement by providing teaching materials, articles, news, and the platform to bring the users together. The social network offers communication, information sharing, blogs, articles, news, photo and video sharing, various widgets, pieces of advice, and other facilities.

The features are as follows:

User profile sub-system

System of social connections

System of advertisements

Web store

Content management system (CMS)

SEO sub-system

List of places for rest and profile management sub-system

The full cycle of the product quality assurance includes the following items:

  • Manual testing, development of test plan and test cases
  • Performance testing during the whole development process
  • Acceptance testing of product releases
  • Development of the conception of automated testing, installation tests as well as
  • Launch of installation and regression tests

At the stage of product usage and support, our team was involved into:

  • Configuration of databases and design of the project high-loaded infrastructure
  • Project performance configuration
  • Website hosting
  • Content management
  • SEO and viewing analysis

Also, our company performed architectural and technical planning and performed development during the work on this project.

Scope of the project —


Development, servicing and follow-up of social network of healthy lifestyle.

Java, Java Script, HTML, CSS




Website for a real-estate agency


Scope of the project —

Development, servicing and follow-up of website for a real-estate agency.

Java, Spring MVC, HTML, CSS, Oracle, JavaScript, Ajax


Serious Software has been instrumental in development and testing of the real-estate agency website.

The following modules:

  • About the company – this section hosts information about the company, its history.
  • Services – this section provides information about services of the company, such as : purchase, rent, franchising, real-estate expert evaluation.
  • News and Articles – this section contains information about the latest’s news, articles.
  • Services – this section hosts information about extended services by the company, VIP commercials, statistical data on prices.
  • Contacts – this section presents contact information for the real-estate agency.